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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  July 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a robocall plea, two men working on the campaign for former governor robert ehrlich plead not guilty. >> one of them defends himself in a new interview with us. >> i'm don scott. here's what people are talking about today. they're accused of trying to suppress voter turnout. now julius henson and paul schurick have faced a judge. we're live outside the courthouse where we spoke to julius henson after his plea. >> reporter: good afternoon. julius henson faces 21 years in prison, that's the maximum. he was not shy as he left court today. was there in any way an effort to discredit african-american voters? >> absolutely not. >> julius henson spoke first to wjz minutes after pleading not guilty to violating election law during his work on former governor robert ehrlich's
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campaign to unseat governor martin o'malley. at issue, robocalls that went out to voters hour before the polls closed. prosecutors believe they were intended to stop african- americans from heading to vote. >> i'm calling to let everyone know that governor martin o'malley and president barack obama have been successful. we're ok. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> so this is something by ben cardin, o'malley, just to punish people who disagree with what goes on in the democratic party. >> paul schurick who also worked on the campaign is charged in the case. his wife and daughter were at the arraignment where his new attorney defended him. >> he is the type of person that i feel confident would not be involved in anything like this. i am confident from the evidence that i've reviewed that is not and therefore i'm very comfortable in taking this case and defending a person which i believe to be innocent. >> 112,000 calls went out to
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voters. no charges have been brought against former governor robert ehrlich. >> no law was violated. nothing in that call was not true. >> mr. julius henson has been a political consultant for years and worked on a number of democratic campaigns. back to you. >> the calls reportedly went out to registered democrats in balleted more city and prince george's county. a high speed chase in northwest baltimore claims the life of one man. >> police do have one suspect in custody at this hour. they are still looking for another. it all started saturday afternoon when the suspect stole a car on liberty heights avenue. they also shot the vehicle's owner twice. that person is expected to survive. the suspects led police on a chase crashing the symptommen vehicle into a van at bell and ferndale avenues. the person inside the van was ejected and later died.
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>> charges are pending against the man police have taken into custody. harford county police are looking for a gunman who shot a gas station attendant saturday night at an exxon gas station in bel air. police say a man wearing a ski mask held the attendant at gunpoint, then shot the attendant. anyone with information is asked to call bel air police. after three years in jail, casey anthony is beginning her first week as a free woman again. according to her lawyer, elaborate plans have been made to keep his client safe. she was released from jail yesterday with protesters shouting at her as she got into a car and drove off. the 25 year was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. there is no word on where she is staying. she did not go home. congress has 15 days to come to a compromise before the nation begins defaulting on its
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loans. no one seems ready to give in an inch. >> the august 2 deadline to raise the debt limit is looming. lawmakers are still at odds over how to get the job done. americans are not happy with the long debate. a new cbs news poll says 48% disapprove the way president barack obama is handling the negotiations. 58% disapprove of how the democrats are doing. and 71% disapprove of how republicans are handling talks. democrats are pushing for the so-called grand bargain that combines some tax increases with $4 billion in spending cuts. republicans don't support it. tomorrow the house is expectedded to vote on the tea party plan called cut, cap and balance. it calls for a immediate budget cuts, a cap on future spending and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. that plan is likely to pass in the house but it does not have much support in the senate.
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>> no one believes there are 67 vote force any version of that. >> senate leaders are working on their own plan. it gives the president the power to raise the debt limit on his own unless lawmakers vote to block him. so far their plan does not include any spending cuts. some in congress say the senate plan solves nothing. >> it takes the pressure off all the politicians and allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has it to make. >> time is running out for lawmakers to make the choices. if they don't, the country could default on its loans for the first time in history. in washington, back to you. >> the nation hit its debt ceiling cell weeks ago but the treasury department has made some accounting maneuvers to buy more time. a heat wave is not loosening its grip on the midsection of the nation. over a dozen states from texas to michigan saw heat advisories
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and warnings over the weekend. taking a live look outside this noon, looks pretty nice out there. how hot can we expect it to get this week? tim williams is out in the outback. first it's bernadette woods. >> hello. we start warming it up today. that real heat is not coming until later in the week. it will come in two different waves. temperatures already climbing a bit out there. it's 87 degrees right now in baltimore. the dew points are climbing. it does already feel like it's in the 90s for a lot of the state. that second wave of heat is coming our way the second half the week. it is really going to get a little bit worse through the week. we'll have updates on that. something he will going on, we have a tropical storm.
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here's tim. >> definitely, there is a lot of activity. this sot thing going on. the tropics are heating up. we have tropical storm bret, the second named storm of the 2011 season. tropical storm bret is off the east coast of florida. it's moving to the east- northeast or the north- northeast around five miles per hour. it's expected to pick up speed over the next few days keeping it away from the bahamas. this has sustained wins of 50 miles per hour. it is a pretty solid tropical storm. it has not strengthened anywhere near hurricane status just yet. if you have vacation interests anywhere down around bermuda and the bahamas, stay posted on this. it will be hot here. we'll have details coming up. back to you. the former owner of the senator theater is no longer allowed near the site. he has been ordered to stay away from the theater.
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he allegedly shoved two staff members and made threats at the theater the opening night of the new harry potter movie. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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american troops in afghanistan have a new leader today. general david petraeus has handed over command to general john allen. general david petraeus steps down after a one-year continue in charge of 140,000 international troops. general david petraeus is moving to washington, d.c. to take over as director of the c.i.a. a stage collapsed at a canadian concert. it sent thousands running for cover. at least eight people were injured when a stage at a cheap trick concert caved in. the stage fell as a severe
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thunderstorm hit. all of the people injured are expected to recover. this noon there appears to be no downside for the state of new jersey because of the jersey shore. a new poll shows the reality show is not hurting the garden state's reputation. 43% who saw the show say they have a favorable impression of it. 41% that never saw the show also think the state is great. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis is saying goodbye to those on the international space station before undocking tomorrow and landing in florida on thursday. that will mark the end of the space shuttle program for this country. happy birthday to nelson mandela. he is celebrating his 93rd birthday today. he is expected to spend time with his family at their home. still ahead, sweltering
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for the most part the east coast will be safe because of this front and it will kick tropical storm bret out to sea. we could get a shower or thunderstorm tonight or tomorrow. then we'll see the heat build. here's what it does to bret. kicks it out to sea, keeps it going away from us. it won't get that much strength during that process. for today, today is a warm one, 93 degrees, muggy. tonight a shower or thunderstorm is possible, low of 72. tomorrow a shower or thunderstorm possible again. 94 for the high. after that, when this front gets out of here, there's nothing really to block this heat. it will be coming our way and the numbers go way up.
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>> thank you. still ahead, safe drivers, who some say is the best person to be behind the wheel when your child is in the car. wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news and the updated forecast, log on to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kids may be safer riding in the car with a grandparent driving. a new study found children are half as likely to suffer an injury in a car while riding with a grandparent instead of a parent. researchers believe grandparents may drive more carefully when that are grandchild is in the car. having a cocktail may not be the best way to unwind. a new research shows drinking alcohol to cope with stress can make that stress last even longer. the study found that stress can reduce alcohol's intoxicating effects causing people to drink even more. you will want to be sure to check back with us today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for terror on the train tracks under baltimore ten years later. the steps being taken to prevent another tunnel fire from happening again. plus, call it the google effect. how the internet is changing the way we think. the controversial new doll you have to see to believe. join us for these stories today
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at 4:00. >> stay with us. the forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we're starting to warm it up a bit today. then we have a cold front. then comes the heat that everybody is talking about. so i'm going to give that job to tim to talk about that part of it. >> thanks. thanks a lot. let's talk about this.
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there's no way around it. all we can do is urge you to take heed, stay cool, stay in the shade as much as you can starting with tomorrow. look at these high temperatures. tomorrow about 95 for the high. 94 nor tuesday and wednesday. the high thursday through saturday # #, 99 and 98. the heat index when you factor in the dew points being high, the heat index will be in the had hundred range for those three days. it will be one of those times when the overnight low friday is almost 80 degrees. you know it will be very hot during the day. we'll have more at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> don't miss tonight's primetime lineup here on cbs. you will want to check out a fan at sunday's rangers- mariners game in seattle who gets jiggy with it in the
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almost empty upper decks. he broke into his best dance moves proving entertaining for every be in the stadium and those watching on tv at home. his willing friends are not doing badly either. >> look at her. that must be genetic. >> ok. time to go. ,,,,,,,,,,
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